Everything You Need To Know About Braces For Adults & More

Numbers of adults who are getting orthodontics has been steadily on the rise in the past few years. There are many reasons for this trend. With competition in the workforce being fiercer than ever, adults are investing in their smiles to create that perfect impression that we all know is very vital in the business world. Today, 20% of people who get orthodontic treatment are adults. One of the main reasons for this rise in numbers is the creation of Invisalign (transparent mouth guard).

Why Do Adults Choose To Get Orthodontic Treatment?

There are usually three main reasons as to why adults choose to get them. The first is that as children they required treatment but couldn’t afford them. So once they grew older and became able to afford them, they decided to get them. The other reason adults choose to get braces is that as children they didn’t require them, but with age and the introduction of wisdom teeth, their teeth shifted. Wisdom teeth caused their teeth to move whereby it began to affect their health negatively. At that point, the only way to fix their smile was to extract their wisdom teeth and then get treatment to perfect their smile. The last reason some adults get orthodontic treatment is that they experienced some trauma that affected their teeth.

Most adults find them to have been a worthwhile investment once their treatment is done. They highlight how their confidence skyrocketed and because they’re more confident they are doing better in the business world. They also state how less shy they have become because they are no longer hold back their smiles, which allows people to feel closer to them. The majority of adults go on to state how their treatment paid for themselves within the first year they are off because of all the drastic changes in their lives.

Braces As A Kid & Adult

Some adults who get braces also had them as children. The reason they choose to get them again is that they learned a precious life lesson. After taking their braces as off when they were younger, they didn’t wear their retainers. That means that with time, the teeth weren’t held in place and began shifting. By the time they hit their adult years, their teeth, unfortunately, became crowded again and their perfect smile was ruined. To solve the problem, they decided to get braces once again. After the second time, they got the treatment; you can be sure that they wore their retainers daily to not lose their smile again.


There is a downside to getting orthodontics as an adult. That downside is that your treatment is on average longer than a teen or child with braces. The reason for this is that you have a higher bone density number for your teeth than a child or teen.  This means that it will take longer to move the teeth because they are denser. On average, your treatment will be around six months longer than a child or teen with braces.