Braces Cost: How Much Are They

People often wonder, how much do braces cost? It is a perfectly reasonable and expected concern. Orthodontics can be expensive and are a hefty investment. The price of braces alone can put people off from investing in orthodontics. This article will discuss the costs of metal, ceramic, Invisalign, lingual, and Damon orthodontic systems. We will also touch upon the subject of financing and dental insurance.

Location Prices

How much your braces cost will depend highly on where you live. Rural areas can be pricier than large city treatments. This is because, in rural areas, there is less orthodontic competition. Where you live in your country will cause a difference in pricing as well.


Traditional brackets are the cheapest form of orthodontics. This traditional system can come in a variety of different colors and are usually priced somewhere between $3,500-5,500 depending on where you live. The advantage of the metal type is that they are economically efficient. The disadvantage, of course, is that they are easy to spot (if you want them to be hidden). These are the cheapest type because they’re made from stainless steel. Stainless steel for orthodontics and dental purposes is cheaper to make than other kinds of brackets or Invisalign mouth guards.


Ceramic braces on average are pricier than traditional/metal ones. You will be paying a bit more than you would for the conventional metal system. These type of brackets usually average somewhere between $4,500-6,000. The ceramic kind is pricier than average because they are made from a composite material (ceramic alloys) that is costlier than stainless steel.

Invisalign/ Clear

For Invisalign, you will be paying more than you would for either ceramic and metal systems. This is because they are highly customized on a constant base. You will be receiving a new mouth guard monthly that is customized to your bite and teeth. The material and the fact that new mouth guard is created monthly is the reason why Invisalign is more expensive. Invisalign will usually set you back somewhere between $3,500 – 8,000.  On average they are $6,000 or higher.


Linguals are brackets behind the teeth; are by far the most expensive type you can get. They will set you back somewhere between 8,000$-10,000$. They are a lot pricier than the other kinds of orthodontics for various reasons. First is that they are made from gold plated steel. Also, linguals are very customized to your teeth and their size. Additionally, they are pricier than the others because they require a highly trained orthodontist with a particular set of skill and training that not everyone has.

Dental & Health Insurance Coverage

Some dental insurance companies do partially cover some of the treatment expenses, but not all. It is quite rare that an insurance company will cover 100% of your treatment expenses. If you are under the age of 18, you are more eligible for coverage than if you are older than 18. If your company does cover orthodontic expenses, they will mostly only likely only cover 25-50% of the initial amount. Other insurance companies will only provide $500 off the treatment, while you have to pay the rest.

Financing Solutions

Your orthodontist will not expect you to pay this all right away. During your consultation, ask the orthodontist the payment options available to you. Orthodontists know that treatment is expensive. They are also very well aware that most people don’t have that money ready to spend right away. That’s why most clinics offer interest-free monthly installment fees. Usually, these installment payments span across your entire treatment to make it more affordable. So be sure to consult your orthodontist’s practice regarding this.