Braces Colors: Which One Is Best For You

As you are placing your dental-brackets on, you can get pretty much get any color. The brackets will be set on the teeth for a while, so it’s important to get accustomed to them. Keep in mind that only metal braces, out of all the forms of brackets, allow color. The selection of dyed elastics for your braces colors will at least give you some control over the situation.  This will evolve your smile and even send a statement to those who see it.

The Wheel

When considering and looking at your choices, make sure to ask for the wheel to show you what selections are available. This wheel will present you with all the shades and options you could think of. The color wheel has many shades and varieties of different options to choose from. Be sure to have a preplanned idea of elastic dye you want to get before your brackets are placed.

Be sure to remember that the wheel you see below is a bit darker than the one you will see in person.


Feel free to experiment with all the choices from the selection available at your disposal. Experimenting with each pigment can bring out certain features and even represent a favorite team, country, holiday and so on. Every different shade will put a unique touch on your soon to be perfect smile.

Complementing Your Shade

People will often choose braces colors that enhance certain features. Making your decision this way is an excellent idea because it will suit your features such as your eyes, face, hair, etc. Try to avoid the selections that clash with your skin. Depending on your skin shade, certain choices like orange can create a clashing effect. The darker your skin tone, the darker the brackets should be.

  • Light-toned skin and hair often work well with blue, green, pink and many other choices that are available.
  • If undecided, blue is often a great pick. Don’t forget; you can always change the color are your next adjustment appointment.

Dress Sense

One way to decide on which elastic option to choose is by trying to complement your clothing and dress sense. A bright or dark shade will often make up the most of the clothes that an individual wears. If you are unsure about the majority of your wardrobe, you can choose uncolored (metal) brackets to be safe.

Elimination Process

You can also make your final decision through the process of elimination. Take out any option or choice that you do not like. This will limit your options and make deciding on a particular one a much easier task. Often, you can even look up unique ways to choose or mix and match based on what people have said online.

Do’s & Don’ts

  • Avoid white elastics, they bring out the yellow stains on your teeth and usually get stained quickly.
  • Avoid green dental-brackets; these make it seem as though the food is stuck in your mouth, which can give off the wrong impression.
  • Light colored braces run the risk of making teeth look more yellow.
  • Do not choose yellow; this will make you look as though you don’t brush on a regular basis.
  • Avoid brown because it more often than not will make it look like you have dirt in your mouth.


  • Darker elastics such as blue, purple, and even violet can make your teeth look whiter. This is often the best pick when making your final decision or is unsure of what to pick.
  • Silver and grey are great because of how easily they blend in with the metal in your mouth. This is a straightforward choice, and the results are excellent.

Colors of Braces