Braces Canker Sores: What You Should Do

When you get braces, you’ll undoubtedly get canker sores at one point or another. You and everyone else will, unfortunately, have to go through this. They will be annoying, but with a bit of knowledge, you’ll be better prepared.

What Are They?

They are a form of an ulcer. People often think that it’s a type of herpes virus, but it’s not. Additionally, they can’t be passed to another person as you can with herpes. Now you can feel at ease.

There are many theories of what causes these ulcers. The first one is that mouthwash and toothpaste dry your mouth which acts as encouragement for a sore to form. Another argument is that stress on the immune system causes them to develop.

Regardless of how they come about, they are a pain to deal with, especially inside the mouth. When you get them, expect them to last about two weeks. You can quicken the healing and eliminate any pain you get by some over the counter products. You can ask your orthodontist, dentist, or even pharmacist about which product would be best. If you have plenty of them popping up, then you can ask your orthodontist for a prescription for a potent remedy. Additionally, they might prescribe a strong mouthwash.

If you’re not sure what to get to remedy the pain and discomfort, look for these products at your nearest pharmacy:

  • Orajel mouth sore discs, Colgate Ora-base soothe-n-heal, Canker cover, Zilactin-B