Braces At 25

One of our writers ended up getting braces at the age of 25. This happened to be the same time as they were going through dental school. This allowed them to be more conscious to the experience they were going through. At the start they have many worries and concerns about the experience and how their social perception will be. Over time they realized that taking the leap was the best thing they had ever done. During this article, this individual will recount their experience while providing some tips and advice on how to handle situations since you are somewhat older than what the “average” orthodontic patient would be. From this point on, we will let our writer voice his journey to you

Adam’s Journey

Hi, my name is Adam. When I first started out my journey I had a small overbite, but my biggest problem was how crowded everything was in my mouth. This prevented me from brushing and flossing properly. I realized that it began to affect my professional image as well as my health. At that point I decided it would be best if I go see an orthodontist to see what they have to say. I was amazed at how supportive and encouraging they were. I was mostly surprised at how the majority of their patients seemed to be adults instead of teens and children. That alone made me realize that there is no shame with starting this journey a little bit later than usual.

The Beginning

During my consultation, I was assured that my mouth could be “fixed” and that within 18 months I would look completely different. I was excited by this news. I began visualizing what I’d look like in about a year. I took the first step and got them placed on. I kept visiting my orthodontic clinic every 4-6 weeks for some quick tweaks and adjustments. To be specific, I ended up getting the ceramics as they yielded the same results as metal ones at almost the same cost. The reason I went with these is that they’re somewhat difficult for people to notice, and they really were. Unless I pointed them out, people often didn’t notice that I had tiny brackets across all my teeth. It turned out that the only person this was a big deal to, was me. It was all in my head the entire time. I began to see the improvements quickly. So much so that after 3 months I wasn’t even the same person anymore.


Fast forward a year and a bit, and I’m almost done at that point. All my teeth shifted as my health team had hoped. Everything was straight, aligned perfectly and they were ready to get them off. When they did, I was amazed at what I saw. For the first time in my life I had the perfect smile. A smile that I wasn’t shy about at all. I would smile nonstop from that point on. What I also realized is that people would smile back whenever I smiled at them. This skyrocketed my confidence and self esteem. I began to become more outgoing as a result, which helped me greatly in my career as a dentist. It really turns out that it was in my head the entire time. Looking back, getting braces didn’t affect a single part of my life negatively at all. Even the little things that you wonder about such as romantic life or diet, they were all unaffected by the presence of them on my front teeth.

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