Braces Alternatives: How Many Options Do You Have

Older individuals can be very skeptical when getting any traditional form of braces, because they view it as “for children.” Luckily, there are braces alternatives which will allow them to avoid having to wear the large metal brackets. A braces alternative focuses on using something other than brackets and wires to fix teeth.

Why People Choose To Find An Alternative

Often adults are the ones who seek alternatives solutions for their imperfect smile. They normally find the highly visible and bothersome “traditional” method both time consuming and difficult to wear in their professional lives. So they will often decide on getting Invisalign. Invisalign is the best choice for several reasons when compared to other alternatives. The first of those reasons is because of its invisible nature. Since it’s made with a transparent plastic nobody will notice you wearing them. Secondly, the ability to remove them when convenient is seen as its second greatest advantage. When it’s inconvenient to wear them, for example meetings or speeches, they can be taken out and set aside. Unfortunately, there is also a chance they can be lost or broken accidentally since the plastic isn’t flexible and can be removed.  This method of fixing teeth is very limited considering you must have specific requirements or else the plastic won’t work.

Luckily, there are other options that conceal you fixing your teeth. The first of those is lingual braces. These are installed behind your teeth instead of the front. This makes them difficult to spot and requires specific material. They are a bit more expensive than most braces and this solution, just like the previous one, requires specific cases. However, those specific cases are more lenient than Invisalign.

The last option of hiding the brackets would be ceramics. Ceramics are made out of composite material that is colored the same shade of white as your smile. This makes it more difficult to see from a distance, the bad news is they are still visible when someone is close by. However, unlike the previous types mentioned ceramics have no requirements and work the same way as traditional brackets.

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