How Much Will Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost Me

The cost to remove your Wisdoms depends on many different variables. Things that will affect how much you pay for the are. How experienced is the dentist: A more experienced dentist will charge more because his work will be better and cleaner. Your results are almost 100% guaranteed if you get them removed by a highly experienced … Read more

The Guide Of What Not To Eat With Braces

When wearing braces, there are plenty of foods that you shouldn’t eat. These foods can cause damage to the wires which then damage your teeth. You will want to avoid these foods and eliminate them completely from your diet. The more you follow this rule the better your results will be. If you are unsure … Read more

What Happens If Your Braces Wire Is Loose

During your treatment you can encounter a few issues with your brackets, wires, and chains. One of the things you might wonder is what happens if your braces wire is loose? A part of your treatment will be the wire becoming loose from the last bracket. This can lead to the wire poking you at … Read more

Do Veneers Cost That Much For One Tooth?

Veneers aren’t something that an individual plans on getting. Unfortunately, unplanned circumstances occur and that is when they become an option. One of the things that people often wonder about is how much veneers cost. This article will look at exactly that. Price Per tooth, they will cost between $500$ to $1,500 depending on various factors. … Read more

Which Is The Best Toothbrush For Braces

When you first start wearing braces, usually your orthodontist will give you a special toothbrush. This is a toothbrush that is designed for braces, and is designed with the user in mind. More often than not, these brushes are electric and of the highest quality. Design When you get a toothbrush, they are usually designed … Read more

How Much Can A Tooth Extraction Cost

First before we can decide on how much a tooth extraction will cost we have to talk about the different kinds since each kind of extraction will vary in price. Simple Permanent Teeth A simple extraction is when a tooth is being extracted has penetrated the gum tissue and is relatively in a normal position. … Read more

How To Clean Your Stained Braces

Your braces can easily get stained from eating. The biggest culprit in this problem is curry. Curry can easily stain your ceramic braces and the elastics/rubber bands/ligatures too. The brackets themselves don’t usually have stains but all the other components are. This can make your smile unattractive because any color will be prominent when your … Read more

How To Remove Braces Glue

If you’ve finally gotten your braces removed, you must be ecstatic with the results except for one thing. Sometimes, residual braces glue can stay on your teeth. This peeves most people as they would be expecting a perfect smile only to be met with an almost perfect one instead. In this article, we will tell … Read more