Everything You Need to Know About Alternatives to Braces

Are you one of those people who wants to have that celebrity smile but is having problems doing so because you have crooked teeth? Well, you are not alone when it comes to undesirable teeth positioning. The fact that people want to look good cannot be denied. Those individuals who are attractive or “pretty” tend to get their hands on higher paying jobs, have higher levels of self-confidence, and are usually more successful than those people who do not pay too much attention to their looks. An individual can definitely take numerous steps in order to improve their overall appearance, but your smile is something that can really help you score big. There is no need to fret over not having perfect teeth as there are so many different options available for people who would like to straighten their teeth. The traditional braces are usually the cause behind distorted speech and are also known to leave stain marks on one’s teeth when they are removed. Those individuals who would like to have straight teeth, but do not want to opt for painful braces should consider alternatives to braces to achieve excellent results.

Why People Avoid Braces?

There are numerous reasons why people these days look for alternatives to braces. Some of those factors are:

  • Inconvenient treatment period
  • Crowding issues or mild spacing
  • High Cost
  • Mild Alignment Issues

The cost of braces ranges from $3,000-$7,000, which is a lot of money! This may require saving for months before you are able to go to the orthodontist. Also, there are consultation charges and regular visits that you will have to pay for when opting for braces. However, there are also other alternatives that fall into the same range and are less painful for improving your teeth.

The alternatives to braces will be explained in detail below for you to understand their benefits, functions, and features. Individuals who would like to avoid these issues involved with braces should consider reading about the alternatives. The alternatives have been divided into two categories: removable and fixed.

Fixed alternatives

Fixed Space Maintainers

The fixed space maintainers are used when you have lost a tooth or your tooth has been chipped. This alternative is utilized in order to maintain space in between the teeth until the false tooth is inserted into the individual’s mouth. The tooth located next to space is then connected to a band and a wire is extended on the tooth all the way to the other side of the vacant space.

Special Fixed

The special fixed are used to help control the tongue movements and these are attached to the teeth via bands. The drawback to using this alternative is that they are highly uncomfortable when you want to eat something.

Removable alternatives


A headgear is mainly utilized to erect overbites. This helps to align your teeth as it puts pressure on the jaw and upper teeth, either to move your teeth to the location where they should be or to hold your teeth at a certain position. You will have to wear the headgear every single day for a certain number of hours. Many patients use the headgear when they take a nap or at nighttime. You will have to remove the gear when you brush your teeth, eat, or play sports.


Retainers are removable and are used typically after having braces for some period of time. However, there are transparent retainers in the market that easily cover the arch of the mouth and can be used if your teeth require little correction. Retainers can move your teeth to some extent and can help accomplish minimal movement of the tooth. The best part about retainers is that they are easy to use and are also cost-effective.

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles is a transparent bracket consisting of a wire that cannot be seen visibly. The results of this alternative are mild as they are used for fitting, not for alignment or bites. The program on the Six Month Smiles lasts for six months based on the condition of the patient’s teeth.


Veneers have been endorsed and worn by a number of celebrities. They are also known as caps and are ideal for those people who have large or small gaps between their teeth, poor teeth color or teeth shape, or have fractured teeth. The dentist will first remove a very thin layer of the enamel on your teeth, they will fix the veneers to the teeth utilizing a resin. There are also no-prep veneers that you may select if you do not want the dentist to remove the enamel from your teeth. Veneers are most commonly used to correct alignment and chipped teeth. However, it is important to understand that your veneers will need to be replaced after some time.

Clear Aligners

Another popular alternative for braces is Invisalign. This is the best clear aligner that is present for people who would like to enjoy the support that a metal brace offers without actually having to let others know. These aligners can handle all kinds of cases from mildly crooked teeth to protruding teeth or even erect the severe malocclusions, underbite or overbite. Your dentist will equip you with a series of removable, clear trays that are known as aligners which will be designed to fit over your teeth perfectly. You must wear each aligner for at least twenty hours a day and for around two weeks. You will have to return to the specialist every two weeks until you have achieved the desired results. Once the dentist starts to see progress, he/she will provide you with the next series of aligners to continue the enhancement process. Those patients who would like to get rid of the gaps in between their teeth should opt for the clear aligners because little force is required for gap correction.

With Invisalign, you will have invisible braces and a perfect smile by the end of the treatment. It is important to remember that the cost of this treatment will vary based on where you go, but the advantage of having this treatment is that your confidence will reach a whole new level.

Accelerated Orthodontics

Patients who would like to fast track the process of improving their teeth opt for accelerated orthodontics. The process utilizes a system known as micro-osteoperforation in order to weaken the bone and help loosen your teeth so that they can be moved easily when pressurized. This pressure increases the cytokine activity helping to remodel the bones in your mouth and help to move the teeth into the right location. This treatment can be used in conjunction with retainers or aligners to make the treatment more effective. This is one of the quickest alternatives to braces, but it is also one of the most expensive treatments.

Clarity Braces and Smart Clip

These alternatives to braces are not as popular, but they have their pros and this is why so many patients opt for smart clips and clarity braces. Smart Clips do not require elastic bands, but the patient is required to utilize little metal clips in order to clip the brackets to the wires. Also, the Smart Clips are considered to be a faster alternative than others.

Clarity braces are best for those people who do not want to make metal visible in their mouth. These braces have been crafted from a clear material and this is what makes them less noticeable. However, you will have to get ceramic fixing connected to your teeth, but since they are white they are not as obvious. The negative aspect to these braces is that they are larger than the traditional braces and are a bit uncomfortable. Furthermore, you may have to wear the clarity braces longer than the traditional braces for desired results.

Jaw Repositioning

This is a technique that can help to move the jaw into a comfortable or suitable position. You can wear the jaw repositioning helmet for your upper and lower jaw.

Palatal Expander

This is utilized on the roof of the patients’ mouth and it is constructed from plastic. It helps to widen the arch of the upper area or jaw. Pressure is applied by using screws on the palate to the area or the plate that opens the mouth lengthwise, thus increasing the overall area.

It is important for patients to understand that the cost of the treatment will vary based on the requirements and the needs of the customer. So, if you want orthodontic coverage, then you may be able to save money on the treatment that you opt for. You should consult with friends and family members before you make the final decision. It is always best to be informed about the procedure, cost, the orthodontist, and the medication that you will need to purchase throughout the treatment. There will always be unexpected costs for the treatment, so you will have to prepare yourself mentally. If you cannot bear the cost, then try searching for a policy that covers your visits to the orthodontics. You will have to pay around $200 each month once you are on a plan. This way you will be able to afford the treatment and there are also chances of availing discounts once you are covered from participating dentists.

Now you have all of the information you need to know about the alternatives to braces and are aware of the processes of how you can obtain your million dollar smile in no time. Technology is great and it is doing wonders for people. You don’t have to wait for years and years by using the braces that destroy your personality because there are other great options in the market that you can select from. Wasting time is something that you cannot afford if you really want to get where you want to be. Working on your appearance should not only be about getting the job that you really want or to gain acceptance from others, but it should be about personal satisfaction. You now have knowledge about the various options available and now it is time for you to decide on what procedure is best for you. Remember your final decision should be based on which procedure will work for you, the cost, and the quality of work that your orthodontist provides.

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